Steel Sheet Products

Our product range include sheets, blanks and coil in the following materials:
Galvanised, Electro Zinc Coated, Cold Reduced, Hot Rolled & Floorplate
The full specifications for products and Certificates of Conformity can be supplied on request.
Standard Sheet Sizes are: 2000 x 1000 / 2500 x 1250  / 3000 x 1500mm
 Also available in certain sizes and gauges 3000 x 1250mm
We can also get sheets cut to length with a lead time of approx 2-3 days.
We offer the above in a range of thicknesses as a general guide we can supply:


0.7mm - 3.0mm

Cold Reduced

0.7mm - 3.0mm

Electro Zinc Coated

0.7mm - 3.0mm

Hot Rolled

2.0mm - 10.0mm

Download Products List 
Products List 2013
We can also get sheets cut to size in the form of a blank, please contact us with your specific enquiries.
We specialise in Prime Quality Steel and as a rule tend to keep Bright Spangled in the lighter gauges of Galvanised.
We supply products wrapped with our own TVS branded packaging.